Jamila's cats & kittens shop story

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My story, I am Jamila Ragland, and this is how the idea of a pet shop specificaly for cats came about!

I started breeding Ragdolls a few years ago, raising kittens from birth till 12 weeks of age, by time they were ready to go to their new and forever homes, I would've gotten the change not to just meet them, care for them and love them, I got to know each one's individual self. Each a character as no other, each kitten left their mark on my heart, and memories that can never be replaced, not even by an other kitten I would get the pleasure of raising and holding dearly.

While 12 weeks is only 3 months, it was just long enough to see each ones antics, silly moves and jumps, cuddles or lap naps. Ooh, I for sure know what they like, crackle toy, my little mouse, and lets spin that ball and chase those feathers!

I have spent so much money buying cat toys or supplies, while I and my cats loved most, I have purchased many that did't seem safe, not great quality, didn't last long, or simply my cats and kittens wanted nothing to do with them.

So, here I am writing my 1st blog, and I'm hoping not only would I be able offer many cat lovers great products at a reasonable price, but to also save them time searching and reading reviews, and help them chose products that they trust will please their loved fur baby/babeis.

Initially I was only going to offer my products to those who have kittens from me, but then I thought why not open my heart and shop for everyone.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I wish you and your kitties the best!

Jamila Ragland


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